Hit-and-Run Accidents Are a Troubling Reality

Investigating the Hit-and-Run Crash at the Accident Site

Hit-and-run accidents are a troubling reality on the roads of Mississippi, leaving victims in a state of shock, uncertainty, and financial burden. At the Diaz Law Firm, we have helped many clients recover damages due to a fleeing driver. As with all personal injury cases, it is necessary to prove liability, and proof requires evidence. Our investigators help find this evidence and use it to mount a case against the at-fault motorist.

Investigating the Hit-and-Run Crash at the Accident Site

The investigators at the Diaz Law Firm begin at the car accident scene. There they look for road marks, debris and paint smears on other cars. The latter is essential since different auto manufacturers choose specific paint for certain models. This will help identify the hit-and-run driver.

Questioning Witnesses

Witnesses are a critical part of the investigation. Bystanders, other drivers and passengers and pedestrians all have a birds-eye view of the crash. They can identify the make of the vehicle, its color and the model. Sometimes, a witness can provide the license plate number. Even a small portion of the number can lead to identification. They may also be able to recall distinctive features of the car and the fleeing motorist. The details can be damage to the vehicle, decals, a driver description, tattoos or others. Witnesses can also say which way the vehicle headed after the crash.

Door-to-Door Search

Most hit-and-run drivers live close to the accident site. Because of this, our investigators call to ask people in the community if they know a driver or vehicle fitting the witnesses’ description.

Video Surveillance

Videos from the crash scene are invaluable when looking for a hit-and-run driver. We look for cameras atop traffic lights, nearby businesses and on phones or dash cams. The video provides strong evidence against the fleeing driver. 

Social Media

Placing a picture or a witness description of the hit-and-run driver on social media is another way to get the word out about the accident. People in the area will be able to help identify the driver. 

Using Underinsured/Uninsured Insurance

In Mississippi, drivers can elect to have uninsured motorist insurance. This pays for the medical bills and property damage incurred when you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist. It can also be used to pay these expenses when you are hit by a hit-and-run driver. The UIM coverage is available from your insurance carrier. It provides insurance up to the liability insurance the driver has. 

Stacking UIM Insurance

In Mississippi, motorists can “stack” their insurance on the vehicles they have. For instance, if the family has two cars and they get UIM insurance that covers them with $50,000 per person and $100,000 per incident. If they are in an auto crash with an uninsured motorist, they can “stack” the policies, giving them $100,000 in protection per person and $300,000 for the accident. Your attorney can help you with this.

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