Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Get and wear a helmet that meets Department of Transportation standards, which defines the required performance levels.

Motorcycle accidents can be brutal, given the lack of protection the biker receives, unlike passenger vehicles. The dynamics of a motorcycle accident often differ from those of car accidents because of the unique nature of motorcycles. The Diaz Law Firm has put together a safety checklist to help you stay safe when you take your bike out. 

Wear a Helmet

Get and wear a helmet that meets Department of Transportation standards, which defines the required performance levels. There are different styles of helmets ranging from full-face units to dual-sport ones. To ensure the Department of Transportation approves the helmet, look for a sticker with the letter DOT. Also, make sure the chin strap is sturdy and has rivets. Helmets that meet the FMVSS 218 approval weigh about 3 pounds.

Protective Gear 

Motorcycle protective gear starts with pants and jackets that can help keep you safe in motorcycle accidents. They are usually made of leather or synthetic materials. Gloves protect your hands and wrists; boots should keep your feet and ankles safe. 


Wearing either reflective or bright clothing is another way to stay safe. It is also important to ensure your bike’s lights are working. It is critical not to ride in a motorist’s blind spots. 

Be Alert

You must be alert when riding. For instance, potholes cause motorcycle accidents so be aware of oil on the road and potholes. Since many accidents happen at intersections, exerting caution when riding through one is important. 

Take Motorcycle Courses

Taking courses about safe protocol when riding can prevent motorcycle accidents. Also, make sure your license is up-to-date.

Obey the Rules of the Road

Make sure you stay sober when riding a motorcycle. Never ride on the shoulder of the road or change lanes incessantly. If you must change lanes, always signal first.

Stay Sober

Don’t drink or take drugs when biking. This includes OTC, prescription or illicit drugs that can affect your judgment, reaction time or coordination. 

Keep Your Motorcycle Well Maintained

Make sure your motorcycle’s turn signals, brakes and tire are functioning appropriately. Be aware of your bike’s performance and ensure mirrors are properly positioned. 

Check the Weather

Avoid riding in bad weather, but reduce speed and increase your following distance if you must. Especially after rain, be careful on wet roads because they can be slippery. Do not tailgate.

Discard Distractions

Don’t text or talk on your phone when riding. It takes your focus off the road and surroundings.

Keep Insurance on Your Bike

You always need to have appropriate motorcycle insurance to protect against various liabilities and medical expenses. Your personal injury lawyer can help you choose what is right for you. 

The Diaz Law Firm

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