The Dangers of Big Rig Rollovers

Big Rig Rollovers and How Other Vehicles Are Impacted

Big Rig Rollovers and How Other Vehicles Are Impacted

When big rig rollovers occur, they often end up involving other, smaller vehicles. Because of the much larger size and weight of a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, traumatic injuries and fatalities can happen. If the driver or company that owns the truck is negligent, an injured party may file a personal injury claim while grieving families may sue for wrongful death.

How a Big Rig Rollover Accident Can Impact Other Vehicles

Those who are in passenger vehicles often face serious injuries when a tractor-trailer goes out of control and begins to roll. Big rig rollovers can have a significant impact on other vehicles on the road, including:

  • Collisions: When a big rig rolls over, it can collide with other vehicles, causing damage and injuries to the occupants of those cars.
  • Blockage of roadways: The sheer size of a big rig means that when it rolls over, it can block multiple lanes of traffic and cause major disruptions.
  • Debris: The contents of the big rig’s trailer can spill out onto the road, creating a hazard for other vehicles and causing damage to cars that collide with the debris.
  • Fire: In some cases, big rig rollovers can cause a fire, which can spread to other vehicles and cause serious damage and injuries.
  • Secondary accidents: The disruption caused by a big rig rollover can lead to other accidents as other drivers swerve or brake suddenly to avoid the scene of the rollover.
  • Backups and delays: The blockage of the roadways caused by big rig rollovers can result in major backups and delays for other drivers, leading to increased stress and frustration. It can also delay the arrival of emergency vehicles.

Overall, a big rig rollover can have a significant impact on the safety and well-being of other drivers and their vehicles. Based on statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 9.5 percent of Mississippi fatal accidents were caused by large trucks in 2019. In the event of an accident caused by a big rig, there are several steps that must be taken in order to prove liability. 

A thorough investigation should be conducted at the scene of the crash by the accident lawyer, and all relevant evidence needs to be collected and examined. This includes photos of the scene, witness statements and police reports. Any information related to the trucking company should also be obtained such as log books, maintenance records, inspection reports or GPS data.

Once the evidence has been gathered and analyzed it can then be used to determine who was at fault for the accident. If it is determined that the driver of the big rig was responsible for causing the crash, then they can be held liable for any damages or injuries incurred from the incident. Additionally, the trucking company may also be held liable if it can be shown that they were negligent in their maintenance or safety protocols.

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