Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer in Women

Filing an Injury Claim Against J&J for Your Ovarian Cancer

The manufacturer and seller of talc-based baby powder, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), will cease production of their talcum product next year. In the United States, sales of the product were discontinued more than two years ago. A large number of lawsuits have been filed alleging that J&J’s talcum powder contains asbestos and causes ovarian cancer.

Why Was the Talcum Powder Contaminated With Asbestos?

Talc is a clay mineral found close to asbestos, a cancer-causing material.

Asbestos has been found in J&J’s talc products for decades, according to a Reuters investigation published in 2018. Asbestos was sometimes detected in raw talc and powders produced by J&J from 1971 into the early 2000s, according to trial testimony, records kept by the company and other evidence.

Company Continues to Insist its Talcum Powder Was Safe

The company said that independent research over the past decades shows the product is safe to use. After making an assessment, the company stated that they were transitioning to cornstarch-based powders and discontinuing the ones alleged to contain asbestos. However, they insist it is due to low demand because of misinformation about the product’s safety.

J&J Subsidiary in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

A subsidiary of J&J, LTL Management, was created by the company in October 2021, and the cancer claims were attached to it. However, the subsidiary has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Through this bankruptcy action, those with claims against the company must use the court’s independent representative, who will assess the cases and determine compensation. 

The company still faces lawsuits by survivors and other consumers who claim J&J’s talc products caused cancer due to contamination with asbestos. The subsidiary asked to be placed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which paused the pending lawsuits.

Under the Chapter 11 filings, the Bankruptcy Court is using an outside expert to evaluate the volume and value of talc-related claims that are ongoing and those in the future. On September 19, 2022, a live feed on YouTube was streamed with oral arguments by the Official Committee of Talc Claimants in front of the Third Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Can I Still File a Lawsuit to Recover Compensation for My Ovarian Cancer?

Yes, you can still file a lawsuit to recover compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the company to reorganize its debts and continue conducting business. As you may recall, both K-Mart and General Motors declared Chapter 11 but continued to do business. However, cases against J&J are considered product liability claims and must be filed in Mississippi within three years of the injury or from when the harm was discovered. This makes it important for someone who has suffered harm due to its usage to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

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