Dump Truck Accidents in Mississippi

Sharing the Road With Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are everywhere from urban roads to rural routes. Both big rigs and dump trucks are considered commercial vehicles. They carry heavy loads and share the roads with passenger vehicles. The average dump truck weighs around 26,000 pounds and can carry 10,000 pounds of cargo. Haul trucks are another version of a dump truck that can be used to carry much heavier loads such as broken concrete, rocks or vehicles. Most haul trucks are used off-road but at times must travel to another location.

Dangers Associated With Dump Trucks

The tendency of dump trucks to tip over is higher if a driver takes a turn too fast. Their high center of gravity, shifting loads of sand or gravel and other cargo being hauled lead to their instability. Taking the road up a slight hill is capable of causing a rollover.

Is the Driver or the Employer Liable for Injuries?

A negligent driver who caused a multiple-vehicle accident may be held financially liable for injuries sustained by others. In most cases, dump trucks are owned by companies whose drivers are employed. However, the employer may also be held responsible. It is also common for companies to hire contractors rather than use their own employees to perform the work.  

Negligent Behavior

A subcontractor or the employer can be held financially liable for injuries caused by a multiple-vehicle accident if they acted negligently in any of the following ways:

  • Insufficient training was provided to the driver for handling a dump truck.
  • The truck was not adequately inspected, and the brakes, tires or other parts of the vehicle failed to function correctly, which resulted in an accident.
  • There was a weight limit violation on the truck with cargo.
  • Unrealistic deadlines placed on the driver caused them to drive too fast.
  • Drivers were encouraged to talk to dispatch or customers while driving or to text while on the road.
  • The injured person was hurt because the driver was driving too fast around a curve, which caused the dump truck to turn over.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Recover the Compensation You Deserve

Identifying all the parties responsible for commercial vehicle accidents can be a complex process. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in this situation. By investigating your accident case, they can uncover at-fault parties and recover evidence supporting your claim.

The lawyer gathers the medical records as well as other losses and calculates your damages. Furthermore, they can negotiate with the insurance company of the at-fault party on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve. 

Taking your case to court is an option if the insurer refuses to provide fair compensation. There is no obligation on your part until your case has been successfully resolved. 

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