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Court Houses in Jackson Mississippi

How To Find Court Houses in Jackson Mississippi If you are in Jackson Mississippi, currently looking for a courthouse, you have several different options available. You can use the tried-and-true method of looking through a local business directory, or you can simply use your smart phone or computer to search for one. There are several court houses that are in Jackson, divided up between county, city, and federal court houses. Depending upon the matter that you would like to resolve, or where you have been called to perhaps testify, you need to find the right one to fulfill or complete your objective. Let’s discuss how you can find court houses in Jackson Mississippi if you need to find one today. How Many Court Houses Are In Jackson Mississippi? There are three court houses that are in Jackson. First of all, there are two municipal court houses. These are often referred to as the city courthouse for the region. These are the courts where ordinance violations are often handled, along with low-level crimes. For example, if you have a traffic ticket that you have to resolve, or if you were cited with a DUI, this is where you need to go. Second, there is a county courthouse, also called a District Court house, which will handle both criminal and civil cases. Finally, Jackson has a federal courthouse which is where all federal law cases are handled. These tend to be the least busy of all of the courts because far fewer federal offenses occur in comparison to crimes that are processed at the state level. Where Are These Located In...