Beaches, Boats, and Breaks

Beaches, Boats, and Breaks

Viewers were captivated by the Alex Murdaugh trial through news feeds, documentaries, and podcasts. Part of the case involved a tragic boating accident involving Murdaugh’s son, Paul. Boating accidents occur more often than you would think.

The U.S. Coast Guard reported that 658 boating fatalities occurred nationwide in 2021. Though this is a 14.2 percent decrease from 2020, an important statistic is that alcohol is the leading contributing factor in these boating fatalities. 

Spring Break is fast approaching, which means millions of high school and college students will be traveling and celebrating, causing accident rates to increase at popular destinations. Accident rates of operating cars and boats while under the influence are not the only numbers that climb during this week. Reports of muggings, alcohol poisoning, drug overdoses, and drowning increase as well. Reckless driving, heavy drinking, drug use, and all-night partying can add up to a deadly combination.

Drinking and driving can have devastating consequences, so plan ahead by having a designated driver or hiring a rideshare service and practicing safe drinking. When on a boat, always be sure to wear a lifejacket.

Make spring break memorable by staying safe and healthy while having fun.

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