File for Your ERTC

There's Still Time to File for Your ERTC

There’s Still Time to File for Your ERTC

There is still time to file for your business’ ERTC but this opportunity is time sensitive and could end at any time by government mandate.

Let us review your eligibility for Employee Retention Tax Credit as allowed under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.  The ERTC can be worth up to $26,000 per W2 employee in your business.  ERTC funds are NOT a loan and do NOT have to be repaid.  You may learn more about these credits by clicking the link below.

You may still be eligible even if your accountant has advised that your business does not qualify.

When a CPA deems a business to “not qualify” for the ERTC, it is almost always due to the CPA’s analysis of the Revenue Reduction Test.  Allow our team to see if your business qualifies under the Nominal Impact Test.
All of our work is performed on a contingency fee basis and you pay nothing until you receive your ERTC checks from the IRS.  In addition, in the unlikely event of a subsequent IRS audit challenging our legal determination of your eligibility, our associated tax attorneys will provide a full defense of your ERTC claim at no additional fee.
Please contact Christopher Williams today at his email address: or begin your claim through our website by clicking the link below.