Underride/Override Accidents Involving Big Trucks

Big Trucks Involved in Underride/Override Accidents

Big Trucks Involved in Underride/Override Accidents

Underride/override accidents involving large trucks are often serious due to the size and weight of the truck. Unfortunately, many of these accidents result in fatalities or life-changing injuries. In particular, “underride” accidents—where a smaller vehicle passes under a larger vehicle—and “override” accidents—where a larger vehicle runs over a smaller one—are particularly dangerous due to their violent nature.

Safety Equipment Can Help Prevent Underride/Override Accidents

Truck operators can take steps to reduce their risk of being involved in such an accident. For instance, although rear-end protection is required on all big trucks, they can be equipped with side guards that wrap around the sides and extend from the front to the back bumper of the trailer. This will help keep smaller vehicles from passing underneath the truck, which can prevent underride accidents.

Reflective Strips Are Necessary After Dark

In addition, all big trucks should have reflective strips along their back and sides to make them more visible in low-light situations to help prevent side impacts. This will help drivers of smaller vehicles identify the presence of a large truck ahead and take appropriate action to avoid an accident.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Finally, all big trucks must be properly maintained. To ensure they operate safely, it is important to check that the brakes and lighting systems are functioning properly. In addition, regular inspections should be conducted to make sure that no debris or objects fall from the trailer into the roadway.

Injuries and Fatalities in Underride/Override Accidents

Underride and override accidents involve a large truck and one or more smaller vehicles. Due to the size difference, these crashes often result in severe injuries or fatalities. Common injuries include broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain trauma, internal organ damage, lacerations, and amputation.

Psychological Trauma After an Override/Underride Accident

In addition to the physical trauma associated with an accident involving a large truck such as an eighteen-wheeler, there are also psychological effects that can extend beyond the immediate aftermath of the crash. Victims may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, flashbacks to the incident, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Recovering Compensation After an Injury Accident

It is important for those involved in a crash with a big truck to understand their rights and to seek legal help as soon as possible. In some cases, more than the driver may be liable for accident injuries or fatalities. Liability may extend to the company owner, mechanic who worked on the truck or others. An experienced attorney can provide important advice on pursuing compensation after underride/override accidents.  This will ensure they receive the necessary medical care, rehabilitation services, emotional support, and financial assistance to recover from their injuries. 

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