Can You Sue If You Are Injured in Someone Else’s Car in Mississippi?

Were you riding around as a passenger in a vehicle in Mississippi with someone else when an accident occurred? If so, you may now have some serious injuries that have taken away from your quality of life, keeping you from working, running around with the children, or even participating in any of your usual activities. Although your injuries may eventually heal over time, you still have the right to sue when you are injured in someone else’s car.

What Are the Proper Steps to Take?

There is a statute of limitation in Mississippi when filing lawsuits against a negligent driver that caused the accident. You will need to file a claim against the individual within three years. Even if it is not the first thing on your mind now that you have injuries and are worried about getting better, you should still focus on finding a personal injury lawyer to help you out with the case. It is better to get started with the lawsuit as soon as you can instead of waiting until the very last minute to seek compensation for everything you have been through.

Upon finding a personal injury lawyer to assist with your case, you can sue the driver of the vehicle. When you get in a car with someone, you expect them to drive carefully and follow any rules, such as stopping at the stop sign and yielding at a yellow light. If the driver of the vehicle was speeding, distracted while behind the wheel, ran through a stop sign, or was doing something that he or she should not have been doing, those bad decisions could have caused the accident to occur. Now that the accident happened, you need to hold someone responsible for the damages. You may have dozens of medical bills coming in due to all the care you regularly receive because of your injuries, and you might not have a way to pay those bills off without filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver.

How to prove negligence occurred when you are injured in someone else’s car.

Even after you have filed a lawsuit with the help of a trained personal injury attorney, you will still need to attempt to prove that the person behind the wheel was being negligent in the first place. If there were other passengers in the vehicle that were also injured during this ride in Mississippi, the information they provide about the accident could coincide with what you have already said happened on the road.

It helps to gather details from other witnesses that were there when things transpired, such as other motorists that watched the accident as it occurred. These witnesses should have no problem providing statements about the things that happened leading up to the accident. Along with other motorists, EMT personnel and officers on the scene can provide information that is beneficial to your case. When you are going through a lot of pain and discomfort because of the injuries, you are probably not spending much of your time thinking about how to gather this information from these different witnesses, but that is why the personal injury lawyer is there for you. The lawyer you hire can talk with witnesses and get more statements while looking for different ways to prove that the driver of the vehicle was completely negligent.

The driver’s insurance company may want to reach out to you to ask questions about the accident. However, you do not have to talk to them without your lawyer present. You should not answer any of the questions they have or provide them with any statements because insurance companies often like to twist words around and use those words to their advantage to avoid paying out a certain amount of money.

Seeking Compensation For Your Injuries

When you got into the car with another person in Mississippi, you never expected to get into an accident. However, if you were in an accident and sustained an injury in someone else’s car and it changed your way of life, for the time being, you have the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering. Because it is not always easy to go through this process, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to get help with making a claim. The attorney will represent you while fighting for the compensation you deserve to get after everything you have been through.

You need a car accident attorney if you have been injured in someone else’s car

As you can see from the examples of possible scenarios above, it is not an easy task to obtain full and fair compensation as an injured passenger, even if you are sure that someone else’s negligence was to blame. You are advised to engage an experienced car accident attorney to help you with your claim. In Jackson, contact the Diaz Law Firm for confident and dedicated attention to your claim. You can contact the Diaz Law Firm office for an appointment at 601-607-3456.