Mississippi Trucking Accidents and Why They Are so Dangerous

The Dangers of Trucking Accidents in Mississippi

When 80,000-pound semis get in trucking accidents with passenger vehicles, severe injuries and fatalities often occur. Big rigs are a common occurrence in Madison County due to the interstate, Natchez Trace Parkway and Highway 51 making their way through it. Because of the number of semis traveling through, it increases the risk of serious accidents. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured in one of these collisions, the Diaz Law Firm can help you in recovering the compensation that you deserve.

Statistics on Mississippi Accident Fatalities

In Mississippi in 2020, there were 752 accident fatalities reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and a number of these crashes involved big commercial trucks. Although no statistics are provided on the number of accident injuries, you can be sure it is much higher. In some of these accidents, the trucker was at fault, while in others the trucking company, vehicle manufacturer or even the government agency in charge of road maintenance caused the collision.

Trucking Accidents Are Often Complex

Because truck accidents can have a number of different causes and more than one person or entity might be liable for your accident injuries, it is important to have a skilled attorney in your corner to stand up for your rights and fight for your compensation. Some of the reasons for major trucking accidents include:

  • Rollovers: A rollover involving a big rig can occur for a number of reasons including speeding around a curve and overloading the trailer. 
  • Jackknife collisions: A jackknife occurs when the semi’s trailer is moving at a faster speed than the cab portion and swings around. Unfortunately, if vehicles are in the adjacent lanes, it can cause a serious accident.
  • Blind spot collisions: Big rigs have large blind spots all the way around, especially along the sides of the trailer. If passenger vehicles are riding in blind spots and truckers don’t realize it, dangerous trucking accidents can occur, potentially resulting in severe injuries or fatalities. 
  • Override and underride crashes: An override caused by a big rig can occur in a traffic slowdown if the driver is speeding. Underrides usually are the fault of the passenger vehicle driver but can happen if the big rig suddenly stops. Most accidents of this type cause fatalities or traumatic injuries.
  • Wide turns: Tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles often have to swing into the next lane while making a turn.
  • Brake failure and other mechanical problems: Brake failure is responsible for many truck accidents. It can be caused by lack of maintenance or a defect in the part. The claim may be placed against the owner of the vehicle or, in the case of a defective part, against the manufacturer

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