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We’re pleased to offer a number of legal resources under a broad spectrum of legal practices. We offer resource links to most practice areas including personal injury, criminal defense, real property, employment law, corporate law and family law.

This resource offers information on estate and trust planning services. If you require will drafting or you have questions on how to create a family trust, this resource will set you in the right direction for your estate planning needs.

If you’ve been involved in committing an offence or if you have been charged with an offence, it’s important to get the facts for your case right away. This resource will outline any statute of limitations that may apply and will provide an overview of common criminal offences.

If you require a criminal defense attorney in the Houston Texas area, this resource will provide you with a list of services that this firm provides. The firm’s focus is DUIs, family domestic disputes, drug crimes and DWI defenses.

Estes Davis Law is a firm that offers legal advice in on employment issues in the Baton Rouge area of Los Angeles. This firm also offers legal representation in wage and employment disputes, HR grievances, and workers compensation claims.

While we offer a number of personal injury services across various disciplines of personal injury, this resource specializes in boat accident and marine injuries. Typical cases include recreational boating accident claims and longshoreman claims. This resource also offers a wealth of information on maritime law.

Commercial and residential real estate transactions can be reviewed with this resource.  Understanding the administrative and legal processes of a home purchase can mean the difference between saving money on an asset or a first-home purchase and losing substantial sums. This resource also provides interactive guides and reports on commercial/residential sales and purchases.

This resource is a mixed-practice resource offering resources in both business and employment law. Business resources include information on small businesses, start-ups, and corporate contracts.

If you require personal injury advice in San Jose, or if you have recently encountered a vehicular accident in San Jose, this resource will provide you with local information pertinent to the jurisdiction of your injury or of the accident.

This resource is a general practice resource that offers assistance with personal injury claims,  business and corporate law, employment disputes, and family law.

Primarily a criminal defense resource, this resource offers ample information on criminal defenses and criminal litigation. Typical cases include DUIs, hit-and-runs, drug cases and vehicular manslaughter. Regardless of whether your case is a misdemeanor or a felony charge, you will want to consult with various resources to assist with your case.

Note: Diaz Law Firm does not endorse any of these websites or law firms.