Mitigation of Damages After a Serious Truck Accident Injury

Truck Accident Diaz Law Firm Fighting for the Injured

Truck accidents don’t happen as often as you might think. Car accidents are in fact more common than truck accidents, not just in Mississippi, but all over the U.S. But even if they are less frequent, truck accidents are responsible for a greater number of serious injuries and fatalities than any other type of road

No Verdict Yet on Herbicide Toxicity Link

Diaz Law Firm spraying herbicide

Yet another commonly used toxic herbicide, Paraquat, is in the dock over its alleged effects on human health. Paraquat is used as a “nonspecific” weed and grass killer and is well known right across the U.S., including Mississippi, as an effective herbicide. Unfortunately for those who have used it regularly over the years, its toxicity

Collisions With Animals – Who is at Fault?

Car accident hitting animal on road

Mississippi drivers don’t just have other road users to look out for. While most car accidents are due to negligent driving by other cars, motorcyclists, and trucks, wild and domesticated animals can be an unwelcome hazard on many roads, even close to towns and cities. Most animals have little road sense, don’t understand or follow

Personal Injury Claims on the Behalf of Minors

Injured child with plaster on arm

Most kids are naturally curious and adventurous, and it’s often hard for parents to keep an eye on them all the time. Kids often get injured and most of the time they get over it and learn from any mistakes they made. What parents worry about more is when their children are injured through no

Living in Madison Mississippi – It Couldn’t Get Any Better!

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The Diaz Law Firm is privileged and proud to provide legal services to the Madison City and County community as well as the wider Jackson community. Madison is the location of the Diaz Law Firm’s office and the city and surrounding county have been confirmed by numerous sources of evidence to be the safest, happiest

Is an Employer Liable for an Employee Involved in an Accident?

Diaz Law Firm Delivery vehicle accident

If you are an employee involved in an accident and you were told by your employer to depart from work early to run a work-related errand, your employer could be held liable for any injuries you have caused. This sort of accident in Mississippi comes under the vicarious liability theory. What is vicarious liability? Respondeat

Motorcycle Riding in Mississippi is Great – Until an Accident Happens

Diaz Law Firm motorcycle accident

Mississippi can be a great place for motorcyclists. In fact, motorcycling has become more and more popular in the state, despite the increased risk of using a two-wheeled vehicle. Motorcycling is statistically more dangerous than any other motorized form of transport, not just because of the greater inherent instability on a motorcycle but because the

Johnson & Johnson Insists Baby Powder is Safe Despite Settling Lawsuits

johnson & johnson baby powder

The huge pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, insists that its talc-based baby powder, sold for decades, is completely safe as long as it was used appropriately, despite the fact that it withdrew the product last year and has now had to settle more than a thousand individual lawsuits against it. It has agreed to pay

A Third of Mississippi’s Nursing Homes Are Not Safe Enough

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Many families turn to use a nursing home for an elderly relative when medical attention is needed and the burden of day-to-day care becomes too much. Unfortunately, far too many of our elders are being subject to substandard care and, in some cases, neglect and physical and mental abuse. A study that took place recently